Hi I’m Jane, I’m 39+8 years old and I love being the driving force behind a busy and successful salon.

I believe that teamwork and great client relationships are the major factors behind everything we do. I get a massive buzz from the atmosphere in the salon.

We've all been asked which celebrity's hair we'd like to cut, and for me it would have to be Daniel Craig or Graham Bell.

Evie says: "Jane is an Inspiration".

Kath says: "She's a great teacher".

Jess: "She's a role model and a massive joker".

Laura: "Inspirational, I love watching her work".


I’m Laura and even though I'm just 26 years old I've been a hair stylist for 10 years. I'll be writing a bit more of my bio soon, but for now you might like to know that as well as working as a hairdresser, I'm also studying astrophysics.

Whose hair would I like to style? Well sadly he's no longer with us but I'd probably choose Richard Feynman.
Jane says: "A great team player. I love her energy and her passion for her dreams"



I’m Evie and I'm 49 years old. I've been hairdressing for nearly 12 years and it's something I'm really passionate about.

I love the relaxed atmosphere in Jane's salon because it leads to a happy and creative environment

Whose hair would I like to cut? Well I'd probably say Gerard Butler's ... or maybe George Clooney's.

Jane Says: "Evie's got a great technique and real ability. She's a very professional person."